Thursday, June 21, 2012

To everything there is a season...

Before I get started, I have to give a little mea culpa!   I have presently two followers to this blog--I may have lost them over the past two months--And I had every good intention on getting back on... but the infamous month of May came with every confirmation, graduation, funerals, health issues and life just kept on intruding to necessary things--such is our  parsonage life.  

Soooo, What's going on,  here are some snippets as life and seasons, like Ecclesiastes turn,:

On a serious note, my dearly beloved Emily in going to have gall bladder surgery.  We are thankful that now we know why she hasn't felt well these past months.  Unfortunately in a packed summer schedule, we have to make time for health.  She is in good hands with doctors, family and friends.  Our savior, we trust,  will lead us through this valley.  Your prayers are appreciated!

My oldest, Eliza,  is in summer school, after failing math and Minnesota history.  The first subject I understand--I also  am not a "math person."  I think the Minnesota history was more personal--I am a Minnesota-phile. A little adolescent rebellion in my opinion may be the root.   Interestingly enough, summer school history is strictly about the American civil war--another historical  interest of mine.  Now my "tween," against her will, has to talk to dear old dad about the blue and the grey.  Even though this is not her first love, she has started to see that life could be vastly different and worse than what one has.   That's what makes history important and so misunderstood as one gets caught up in dates and events, not seeing the grand scheme and flow of life.  However, one day when I brought home a video about Robert E. Lee--supposedly to help on a report, she wanted to watch her first season of the "Fresh Prince of Bell Aire."  I guess Will Smith is her historical interest now--it could be worse.

My oldest boy Caleb is just happy that summer is here.  He wanted school to end in April but our district had other plans!   As you may remember, Caleb has Aspberger's Sydrome.  He is high functioning but that does mean any lack of high drama events.   Taking off clothes at school, running away from school, running away from Cub Scouts and Bible camp--and yes, getting to know the police department are snippets of some "entertaining" events this summer.   To their credit, the police have handled Caleb well and have seen that his actions are not a time to launch a family services investigation.  In a previous location, Caleb called 911 saying he was afraid of his dad,  Once all twelve of the county swat time found out Caleb just didn't want to take a bath when mom was gone.   That story was a fun opener for a church service the next day--but I digress.  If Mario Brothers and all similar games  were class--we have an expert.  In our ever changing economy, he may have a marketable skill.  Now that he is slowly accepting his medication again, he may be ready for school this fall. Only the lord knows!

Our youngest three are in perpetual motion, Cheyenne loved school and loved the class she was in.   Special-education in another elementary school than our other kids has gone well.  It's a good school--except its probably the least accessible school in our district!  Cheyenne almost fell face forward at a McDonald's this year!   That was in the Cities for a medical trip.  I has made us much more aware of side walks.  On a positive note, we went to our state park--Myre-Big Island--and traveled on a wonderful accessible path.  While there we saw a white-tailed deer, an absolute high-light of the summer.

Gilly, our "band aid" girl, is just loving life.  Tired of Kindergarten, she is embracing summer T-ball  This year she has mastered running to first rather than third after you hit the ball and runner after the ball rather than picking the clovers in the field!  Dressing the cats, finger painting and buckling her stuffed animals on family trips occupy her time.   Reminds me of care free summers past.

Last, our little Levi is everyone's heart throb.   Our little Red Head just loves singing and repeating everything he hears.  Yesterday, he learned that the weather radio gives necessary news.  When mom wondered out loud about the weather, he repeated in almost a robot voice--"chance of thunderstorms after midnight!"   Maybe he will be a weather man.

That's our summer so far, I'll try to get more themes in my next entries.   But presently, that is how our life, is turning.  As Solomon says, that there is probably "nothing new under heaven."  Luther said that our life's purpose is in constant repenting, or turning to Jesus. No matter what physical or societal direction we turn in the changing seasons, let's trust and pray that he will be our only  direction.  This will give our zigzag life an unknown purpose that is building the kingdom tapestry.   "Your will be done, Your Kingdom Come, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

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